Bonnie Keating Healer

Bonnie Keating Healer

Bonnie Keating acts as a medium and conduit for guidance and healing frequencies from the Higher Realms to help individuals have a deeper understanding of their experiences in life, make more powerful choices, and achieve vitality. She also empowers them to be more trusting of their own connection to their Spirit Guides, Angels, and helpers. She will also provide intuitive life coaching on an ongoing basis when desired. Bonnie offers two primary areas of service, and in both she is available to work in person or remotely.

1) A practice of Energy Medicine. Direct frequency transfer and transmutation to assist the client to come into a more energetically coherent state and to heal themselves.

2) Inter-dimensional communications with the client’s guides, Teachers, Guardians, Angels, as well as with folks who have passed over.

Bonnie’s clients are English speaking and live anywhere in the world. They tend to be ages 40-70. They are folks who have an inner call to develop themselves deeper and higher while bringing spiritual awareness and guidance into their relationships and daily life. They are open-minded and open-hearted, capable of insight and understanding, and aware of the Presence of Spirit, even if they do not feel directly connected. They have an interest in alternative health practices,  science and metaphysics and they are comfortable talking about Spirit, consciousness, and energy.