Bonnie Keating

Bonnie Keating, Healer

Bonnie Keating is a remote healer who works with many high dimensions of Consciousness and Spirit. These include Higher Selves, Souls, Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Medicine/Power animals, departed loved ones, Healers in various realms, Saints, Nature Intelligence, Devas, Nature Spirits, and many more.

She is a medium, Shaman, and spiritual channel as needed. Her principle purpose is clearings and healings. She incorporates methods such as Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Somato-emotional Release, Holographic Repatterning, Angelic Attunement, Life Coaching and more, into her practice.

Other practitioners refer to her in cases beyond their spectrum of practice. Some clients come to her in times of trauma and change, and others in an ongoing life managing/enhancement capacity. She has worked with animals and properties for clearing and healing, but her primary practice is working remotely with people, mostly across the US.

Bonnie loves working with women who are experienced in holistic health, and are on a spiritual path. People who understand the work, are committed to understanding experiences that are outside the “normal” box. Doing remote healing work with children is also rewarding. Bonnie has always welcomed any and all who have come for help, but finds most people she works with are in a trauma response, or other form of life transition, or are seriously ill when no one can seem to help, and they don’t know where to turn.

Bonnie loves all Beings. She is a self-proclaimed right-brained artistic introvert with a love of nature and beauty, who loves working with complex cases, that are emotionally and spiritually rewarding.

Contact Information

Phone: 443-480-1962