Fit Flock, LLC

Amanda Parks, Owner and Operator of Fit Flock, LLC

Amanda Parks is an ACE Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist and RRCA Running Coach, located in the Chestertown Business Park’s Lynchburg Building. She is known for her Fit Flock Friday videos on Facebook and Instagram, where she demonstrates exercising with her chickens.

Amanda is a native of Chestertown. She is a Health Coach who specializes in behavioral change towards fitness, a Personal Trainer focusing on total body strength training, and a Run Coach helping individuals gain confidence in running. She loves to learn about health and behavioral change, and is inspired to help clients discover that they are capable of achieving their optimal health.

Her goal with clients is to help them be comfortable in their own skin, live life as the truest version of themselves, and achieve their level of ideal health. She enjoys working with people who are looking to change their approach to fitness, and are up for a challenge to create a better version of themselves.

You can find Amanda at 118 Suite F, S Lynchburg St in Chestertown, MD, where she has been located since November of 2017.

Contact Information

Phone: 410-708-3122