Kathi Naumann, Intuitive Life & Wellness Coach

Kathi Naumann

Kathi Naumann is an Intuitive Life & Wellness Coach, who has a specialized focus on Mind Body Medicine, Brain Health, and Life Design Strategic Planning. Kathi’s focus on health is directed toward healing from the inside out, shifting thoughts that increase anxiety to thoughts that end internal chatter, and promote lasting health, through experiential learning. She enjoys working with driven professionals looking to evolve into the highest versions of themselves through education, inspiration and holistic practices.
Kathi is a Physical Therapist Asst., certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Manhattan) Holistic Health Coach, certified  Amen University Brain Health Coach, certified Power Braining Instructor and Certified in Integrative Leadership from Duke University.
Kathi’s primary focus is on providing the biggest impact on life using advanced Mind Body Healing techniques to strengthen and empower the mind, while simultaneously healing the physical body. She offers personalized one on one, Mind Body Medicine health coaching, a Conscious Healing Experience: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental healing modality online program for people who are worried, anxious and feeling depressed  (https://kathinaumanncom.vipmembervault.com/products/courses/view/1053541,  Corporate Wellness education and her book, Stroke Support & Survival Guide for anxious and worried caregivers.

Contact Information:

Phone: 443-480-1075

Email: kathi@kathinaumann.com

Website: www.kathinaumann.com