Melaleuca The Wellness Company

Beth Macleod, LCSW-C, Health Products Educator, Melaleuca The Wellness Company Partner, Healer,

Beth has catalog business with a major U.S.- based manufacturing and pharmaceutical company. The company manufactures over 400 products including exceptional nutritional supplements, sports nutrition products, healthy snacks, weight loss products,  personal care items, skin care and cosmetics, essential oils and lastly home-cleaning, laundry, dish, and air care.  They are safer for your home, and the environment.
 She has been in partnership with this company for more than ten years. She educates consumers about these products. Her customers shop on-line for our high -quality, affordable “green” products. The products offer solutions for today’s health concerns.
( including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, digestive issues and memory issues.)
Beth is a mother of four children and  began using these products because she was searching for “affordable” more natural solutions for her children that suffered with health issues. She received her BA in Biology from the University of Delaware and her Masters in Psychology from Washington College. She is a former high school science teacher and feels that she is still teaching others about saving their money, time, and health!
 Everyone can benefit from these products. If you want a healthier, longer and more vibrant life, Beth would love to share this option with you!
Beth hosts educational workshops weekly at 120 Speer Rd. Suite 1. She is also available to meet individually.

Beth is located in Chestertown, MD