Sedona Past Life Healing

Valyra Bacigalupi, LCSW-C, Regression therapist, Medium, Healer, Psychotherapist

Valyra Bacigalupi, LCSW-C, Regression therapist, Medium, Healer, Psychotherapist.  Trained and certified by world-renowned leading expert, Brian Weiss, MD, author of Many Lives Many Masters.


Ever wonder why you cannot resolve or understand an issue or problem in your current life?  We carry many of our current lifetime problems with us from past lives.  When the door is unlocked to past lifetime memories we can miraculously heal.


Valyra, due to her training by Brian Weiss, MD and experience as a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, will lead you on a journey to unlock the mystery of this lifetime by connecting you to a significant past life that has a lesson that must be learned, a message that you need to know, an understanding between that life and this one, or merely a connection that must be made between the two life times, in order to create abundant healing, joy, love and happiness, right now in your life. At the end of viewing your past life Valyra will, by acting as a Medium and Intuitive, connect you to your spirit guides, angels, and passed on relatives, for further clarity and personal connection.


Valyra’s private practice is located in Centreville, MD