Kiley Shipp, LMT, of Trifecta Integrative Health

Kiley Shipp is the owner of Trifecta Integrative Health, which has been in the works for the past decade. After finishing massage school, Kiley went to work for a popular massage chain, which enabled her to get experience with a lot of different body types, with many imbalances, but something was missing.  She knew that she had to figure out a way to serve her community on a local level.  As she perfected her skillset, she set up an at-home studio where she focused on pain relief, and problem-solving bodywork, as well as full body relaxation massage.  Today, Kiley is proud to offer life-changing bodywork services, educational community programs, and philanthropic outreach.

Kiley is very social, and loves to connect with, and learn about, her clients, such as what they do for work, what they enjoy for fun, and what kinds of stresses their bodies are under.  Once she gathers a clear assessment and identifies her patient’s goals, the real work starts. Kiley’s bodywork style is slow, deep, and somewhat intense structural bodywork, so her ideal client is someone who is seeking pain management, and relief, with a bit of energy awareness.  Because the best results happen when the client is willing to be open and create change, having an open mind and willingness to trust unconventional paths is a must.  Clients must be willing to commit to themselves and their journey to wellness.

Working together is so important for the client’s journey to wellness, and a lot of that starts with education and expansion of knowledge of services.  Kiley is an expert in Structural Energetic Therapy, which yields long lasting results for those who are committed to honoring themselves.

Kiley also currently has an acupuncturist in office, Catherine Davis, L.Ac., MSOM.

Contact Information:

Phone: 410-699-0000