Airy Hill Stables, Christina Stinchcomb

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be touched by a horse? To be truly seen, and given pure, honest feedback from a 1,000 pound animal with no agenda other than perhaps to help you be in the present moment, and connect more deeply to your most authentic self? That’s the beauty of coaching with horses.
Whether you are in a difficult place in life at the moment, looking to heal old wounds, or simply searching for more meaningful connections in your day to day world, Christina and the horses at Airy Hill Stables are ready to support you on your quest.
Christina is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach, as well as a Reach Out To Horse Trainer. She is also a riding instructor and an Equestrian Tai Chi enthusiast. She has a lifetime of experience learning from horses, and loves to share her passions with others. Equine Gestalt Coaching is not about riding horses. No horse experience is necessary.
Airy Hill Stables is located in Chestertown, Maryland.